Keep pet cool during lockdown

Hey pet parents, do you notice your four-legged friends getting into trouble on the hot days? If yes, then you also find problems such as anxiety and others they are facing due to this sunny environment.

In this article, you know the proven applied actions to keep your pets cool during this pandemic without any extra effort and support from professionals.

The present restrictions, such as social, physical distancing, quarantine, and lockdown, due to coronavirus pandemics affect both humans and animals. 

Most of the dogs will find their daily schedule suddenly changed and their owners at the house instead of a job. 

Although this can be a fearful time for everybody it is necessary to see things positively and use this as a chance to do things, you might not normally have time for. 

From that unusual work spending more time with your pets is also one of them, for whom this pandemic can also be challenging, especially if they are kept inside for a long period of time or more than normal. 

To help make things a little easier we have collected some proven ideas for keeping your pet cool during the lockdown period and keep your pets occupied. 

Ideas to stay cool with your fido

Every summer we hear horrible stories about dogs falling sick and it’s just as necessary to keep your pooch cool during the lockdown. With dogs only being able to have little walks, and us making only necessary trips out in our cars, some danger can be prevented.

It’s less the same as that dogs will overheat in cars or be forced to tolerate days out at the beach when it’s hot. Even though we’re firm at the house, we still need to be conscious of the bad-effects of the heat on dogs. 

Grooming tips for dogs

Our professional’s vet explained: “In the hot days, it is better to spare your dog at a house instead of taking them for a walk, they don’t want to go out and this can give them anxiety when you’re back at the job.” 

For thick coat pets like Bernese Mountain dogs, Huskies, and Border Collies, a well-groomed coat that is tangle-free and matte will work at managing the body temperature of your dog normally.

“ So you shouldn’t shave or trim these breeds as it increases the probability of sunburn because the skin is revealed more and can result in heatstroke. Dogs with Short-hair are simple to keep cool and it won’t be that tough to brush their hair regularly.”  

Keep your doggy active and set them free inside the house 

Our professionals say: “ In this hot weather during this outbreak of COVID-19. Don’t leash your dog while walking in the house or while they can’t go out for the walk and play in the public parks or outdoor otherwise they’ll feel stressed”

While not going anywhere in this lockdown make sure to make them entertained and cheerful otherwise they’ll show destructive and weird behavior. And ensure that water in a clean bowl is available every time for all the ages of dogs, puppies, or older dogs.

If you have ample space in your house or backyard then you can play with your pet when there is low heat. Any enrichment activities or training or any other interesting alternative for the long workout or walks is best in the early morning or late at night as pooch will not learn efficiently if they are bothered and hot.  

Look for the dog delicate condition

Experts advise that “ keep your dog indoors as much as possible, certainly around mid of the day, and don’t let them lie on the window sill in the direct dazzling light.” 

If they have pale or red gums, panting, bright red tongue, breathing distress, drooling, salivating, weakness, dizziness, and falling and fainting or lying down are some of the common signs which pets can show in excessive hotness. 

To check your dog from being excessive, make a shadow part of the garden just for them to stay there when they want to go out in the midday.

Make treats that are fun for your dog

Jack Smith the pet owner shares his experience of how treats for his dog in hotter months help him.  

Mr. Smith shares: “ I learned to make a homemade treat for my dogs and now I have more time for new creative treats and this makes my pet happier than ever. I froze veggies and apples and made ice cream for them from bananas mashed with some yogurt. ”

Pro tips: In hot season your pet paws get attacked by heat so keep them a cool rub with ice cubes on their paws and you can also arrange a paddling pool and splash them around. 

Most of the dog owners are enjoying this lockdown with their pet but somewhere your pet is impacted by this big change in their life. So ensure you look out for signs that they might be feeling, and give them space when they want it.

EffectiveTricks and tips to support your dog in this pandemic

Here are some shorts and effective tips for dog owners on how they can keep cool and prevent them from overheating as the days get hotter. 

  • Make them fun treats for this summer like frozen treats to prevent them from flaming weather by the cold dog’s food.
  • Don’t practice any activities like playing, training either it’s indoor or outdoor with your pet in the flaming time or mid-day. For playing early morning or evening is the best time for both of you.
  • Don’t let your pooch get sunburnt- use sun cream which is appropriate for the dog.  
  • Keep enough drinking water with you while going outdoor with your pet and in the house also there should be fresh water available for your dog to drink.
  • Cover up an ice pack and frozen water bottle in a tea towel, or use damp towels for your dog to lie on.
  • In the hot weather bricks and tiles can be flammed so don’t let your fido go there or else they’ll burn their paws. To avoid this inflammation, you can check whether it is hot or not.
  • Use cold treats or make an ice lolly for your dog from pet-friendly ingredients and you can take the idea online by searching or asking your vet. 
  • While traveling with your pooch in a vehicle, not for a short time also, don’t take them out in hot weather or in midday, and don’t leave your pet in the car in warm weather. 
  • Freeze your pooch water bowl or kong, or include ice cubes in your pet’s bowl.
  • Load a paddling pool or spray hose for playing purposes to your dog but always command them around water. 
  • In summer training and exercising with your pet is very tough so don’t run or cycle. Walking in the morning or late of the day avoids the heat of the day.

Consideration for your pet in this Lockdown

Everyone is stuck in our home with our furry friends, but if your pet needs grooming, your pet gets sick, or begins to sleep more during the day you just need to play with them?

Here’s what you should do to care for your dog and make it healthy simultaneously you’re trying to stay well during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

  1. Give them a safe space

First of all, keep your dog in a safe spot in the home to enjoy when they want some relaxing time.

It can be a free bathroom, bedroom, or utility room[considering the cold and hot temperature of the room] or under the desk or corner of the bed.  

A crate is also an excellent option for most of the dogs, and with careful introduction can become their loved place. 

  1. Ensure they get abundant sleep

Full-grown dogs on average sleep for 12 to 16 hours a day and puppies want even more sleep than that. 

The most pooch will sleep in a day while their families are at school or job, so having all members in the house constantly in this lockdown means most of the dogs aren’t getting the rest or sleep they need.  

A quiet place where they won’t be disturbed by children playing, video conferencing, or any other things. 

  1. Stimulate them physically and mentally

Offering mental stimulation for your dog is very necessary especially in this lockdown as it gives them something to do and enhance their lives. It helps to erase unwanted behaviors and boredom such as chewing. 

If you don’t have any ideas on how to cheer up your dog then you can learn from youtube and social media and you can learn more about dog enrichment than ever before. 

One of the simple options for mental stimulation is separate feeding. Simply breaking off your dog’s small treats or dog’s kibble on the floor and letting your dog consume them up to encourage them to use their nose and make dinner time more fun. 

  1. Observe your pet behavior

As it is an adjustment for you to work from home in this pandemic outbreak, it is also an adjustment for your pet and it is not easy for them to get used to all family members roaming around the house. 

Most dogs are used to having long nap times when we’re not at the house, and being active. But when you and all members of the family stay home all time, they can quickly become at ease. So pets are likely lethargic as they get used to the news schedule. 

Remember that if your pet is staying in their place, let them be. They’ll let you know if they want attention.

  1. Teach them new commands 

Pets love to play. You can play lots of games to stimulate your dog physically and make them active and cheerful. 

By using games and plays you can train and teach them more effectively and they will learn more quickly when you teach command while playing.

If you haven’t taught them basic training or commands then it is the right time to teach them because you have more time to spend with your pet now in this lockdown. 


What idea or trick do you apply to maintain the body temperature in this lockdown or to care for your pet? Don’t forget to share it with us.

If you want more recommendations from experts then please contact us. Or you can leave a message on the comment.